Honeysuckle Direction – Christine Watkins

I’m a writer and performer, making work for live performance and multi-disciplinary events and installations, film and publication.

I formed Honeysuckle Direction in autumn 2007 to explore the possibilities of bringing my deep interest in the interconnected realms of art and science more fully into the work I am able to produce.

At the time, I was working on a performance project, Mosquito Night, based on the work of poet-scientist Ronald Ross, and humanity’s struggle to understand and combat malaria.

In his autobiography, the poet John Masefield vividly describes the moment when as a child he first became aware of the power of his own creative imagination – a specific instant that came to him as he stood in the garden “by the honeysuckle, looking north”. The described moment stuck with me and made its way into the company name.


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8th March 2022