Here are some of the wonderful people who have contributed to Honeysuckle Direction projects over the last few years

Christine Watkins Writer and performer, initiating and developing work with a diverse range of collaborators. (See ‘About’ page.) Past commissions have included work for the British Film Institute, Welsh National Opera, Made in Wales, Foursight Theatre, Feelgood, Music Pool and many others. Two of Christine’s performance texts are published in One Woman, One Voice anthology (Parthian Books). Christine works in both English and Welsh language.

Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell  Visiting professor of Astrophysics at Oxford University and collector of astronomy poetry.  Performing as part of How Not To Be Afraid Of The Dark.

Maria Hayes

Maria Hayes  Fine artist and educator, exploring  the impact of combining digital technology with traditional observational drawing practices, particularly in live performance.


Mary Keith  Choral composer and musician, she has performed Bulgarian love songs on Woman’s Hour, was the first voice to perform on the Lyric stage at the Lowry, and composed song cycles for Mosquito Night and The Tide Tables.

 Richard UrbanskiRichard Urbanski   Producing web/media resources for Honeysuckle Direction, including the website for Mosquito Night (see links page).

Saffron WhiteheadSaffron Whitehead  Professor of Endocrinology at St George’s.  Saffron is also a freelance journalist, advisor to the Society of Endocrinolog, and collaborated on The Tide Tables project.

Sianed Jones

Sianed Jones Performer/Musician specializing in Extended Vocal Techniques, working in collaboration with choreographers, film-makers, storytellers and others. Sianed also works with the RSC and tours her own solo shows.

Also performer Erica Grant and singers Bella Thomas, Helen Terrett and Neil Pigott.

…and beloved ESYLLT HARKER   
   Esyllt HarkerWho passed on in June this year (2014). Her bright, gentle humour, her wonderful clear voice and friendliness was so much valued when she joined us to tour The Tide Tables in 2011.  Sail on, dear Esyllt

Company Associate: Dr Angela Priestman, Principal Lecturer in Biological Sciences, Staffordshire University.


Posted on

9th March 2022